Alexander McQueen / Spring 2013 RTW

REVIEW: by Sarah Mower
There was a buzz at Alexander McQueen—a buzz generated, quite literally, by bees. “I don’t know what started it,” laughed Sarah Burton backstage before the show. “Maybe female worker bees, like all of us in the studio.” She picked up a cylindrical mesh headpiece and put it on. “These were inspired by beekeepers’ hats.” All around her, pale, attenuated girls were being strapped into wasp-waist corseted double-peplumed jackets made of gold-on-black honeycomb-patterned jacquard jackets, cagelike pannier dresses, and hard, tortoiseshell-resin harnesses and bras. On a table lay the deep gilded-metal chokers, crawling with jeweled bees, which were about to be clamped on as the finishing touch.

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