Punk With Polish!

The Costume Institute’s Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibition this summer in New York got everyone talking about rebellious style, but the modern version of punk is a little more dignified than deconstructed. Think polish and poise rather than safety pins and torn plaid. We spoke to our Ways to Wear It stylist Maria Virgin about how to get the contemporary punk look.

What kind of images did you look at to prepare for this shoot?
I looked at a lot of classic French and New York punk rock images, then mixed them in with more modern imagery from today, like Alexander Wang’s urban style.

What kind of girl wears this look, what does she do for fun?
It’s a modern urban girl with a street vibe and no fear of mixing materials. She feels free. She’s a strong girl with a lot of attitude. She loves to go out and have fun with her own crowd. And she loves music!

What are your styling tips for getting this style?
Remember to mix materials like leather skirts and silk shirts, but with sexy high heels. Go for clothes that have lots of attitude and don’t be afraid to mix in elements of your own personality.


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