Stella McCartney / Spring 2014 RTW

She was right. With their variety of necklines and the use of rose-patterned Chantilly lace laid over organza in navy, black, or terra-cotta, those finale looks, midi-length and with carefully arranged zones of leg-revealing transparency, simply looked like great, easy-to-wear solutions for a modern young woman in search of evening wear (and there hasn’t been a huge amount of that on offer this season). Nicely judged, for all of the customers McCartney has brought with her over the years, a generation which automatically turns to her as a sane, empathetic day-to-night service provider.

It might not have looked as if she was heading that way with a few of her opening looks—ovoid half-solid, half-sheer dresses with winking glimpses of skin revealed at hip level—but soon McCartney was dropping in her reassuring pant suits. First there were the regular lightweight silk ones in navy or pale pink, and then a slew of variations offered a smart range of gradations of casual to dressed up: suits with zipped-up Eisenhower jackets and tailored tracksuits with a presence that could deal with a business appointment as well as a cocktail reception.

She hadn’t forgotten skirt suits. Matching shirts (with short, wide-cut sleeves that are the consensus shape of the season) came with high-waisted pencil skirts in a patchworked crocodile pattern. An alternative—and one of the best looks in the show—was a pale pink forties-style sport-shirt paired with a graceful A-line midi in the same color. True to herself, true to her customer’s needs, all bases covered: Mission accomplished.

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